8 Things In My Travel Bag

 By Lily Durrand

Benny and I are heading to San Fran extremely soon. Well, more like a week and a half, but still, SOON! I want to make sure I am well equipped for the adventure within my suitcase! Traveling is always hard for me because I either under pack, and don’t bring what I need, or I over pack and STILL don’t bring what I need. I have finally discovered that less is more, and the things I truly need to survive the California travels are as follows.

BCBG Nude Tote

The first is my purse, a BCBG nude tote. I found this bag months ago and my first thought was “I need that for San Francisco”. Not only is it SO pretty, it is functionally perfect. Inside the boxy and sleek frame, there is a smaller bag that I use to hold small contents within the purse. The real treat here is that the over-the-shoulder strap unhooks from the main tote and can hook onto the smaller bag for a lighter load. Soooo nice for traveling. Not only is it roomy and able to hold all my plane ride needs, it can be condensed too for days of walking around to ease my back.

Womens Light Blue Old Skool Vans

Speaking of walking the streets of Cali, the other must have on my list are my baby blue vans. Benny got these for me as a gift and they are so cute. I love the color and they are so comfy. I can leave my dad new balance sneakers at home now! Thanks Benny!

Moment Wide Angle Lens

My third and probably my favorite item is my Moment Lens. I have the 18MM wide lens that hooks easily onto my phone. It takes seriously no time to transform my narrow frame to a wide, all-encompassing one. I can fully the capture beauty of the sites we visit with such high quality and I love that my phone case fits perfectly around the attachment piece that adheres to my phone. It’s a convenient way to take photos that I once need to carry around a huge heavy camera for.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

For another photo related must-have, I’m bringing my baby blue polaroid. Can you tell I love baby blue? I love being able to capture an exact moment and memory and be able to see it come to life in front of me. I have a travel journal that I like to tape them in and it’s so cute and fun. Plus, what fuels the need of a society obsessed with instant gratification like a polaroid camera?

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

If you're anything like me, you know that airplanes dry the frick out of my being. My lips get chapped, my eyes get dry, and my skin turns to the Spongebob episode when everyone tries to get tan and sits under the sun lights for too long (if you know…you know). Thankfully Vaseline created this cute little canister of cocoa butter lip balm. Holy moly this stuff is gooooood. It moisturizes my lips so well, and stops them from cracking and hurting. And it smells DEVINE. I now know what Chance the Rapper is singing about when he says he misses his coco butter kisses. I would miss them too if I was deprived of my dang coco butter.

 Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Rollerball

Since the airport has a liquid limit, this next one is perfect for travel. My Viktor and Rolf perfume roller. I have never been one to spend a lot of money on perfume because it runs out so fast with me, but I have finally found a scent worth splurging on. It’s so delicious. I like to smell good, especially if Benny plans a date night dinner (hint hint), so in my purse this shall go.

Arvo Wrist Watch

To join my perfume on my wrists, I will be bringing my Arvo watch. I love simple accessories especially when they are gold. That’s why I am all over this watch. I’m absolutely obsessed with its nude leather band, thing gold lining and simple tick marks for each hour. Another plus is it has the date of the month as well as the day of the week. Super nice, since I can never keep track of the date.

My Books ("How's Your Soul?")

Last but certainly not least, are my beloved books. I have been on a roll with books this summer, and I can’t seem to stop. So naturally I must bring multiple. The first is “How’s Your Soul” by Judah Smith, aka the best book ever by the best speaker ever. He does a really good job at relating faith battles to everyday life, and he subtly helps give tools to be a better person and how to seek a stronger relationship with God. It’s funny and so amazing, I seriously recommend this to all humans ever, even if you aren’t a Christian, the way it’s written makes it applicable to everyone, believer or not. Second book is of course a yummy Nicholas Sparks novel. Because his books save lives. Has good ole Nick ever failed us people?? I THINK NOT. CAN I GET AN AMEN. Therefore, in my bag goes his book “First Sight”. So sappy so good.

There you have it! The 8 things I absolutely cannot go to San Fran without. Until next time my loves.



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