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Inside The Studio

For the past three years, Wittacreativestudios has accumulated many clients, including a handful of high profile brands and music artists. By continually working with different companies and artists both nationally and internationally, our studio has developed a very knowledgeable background for both social media marketing and high end content creation. With Wittacreativestudios, we hope to continually expand both our team and what our business offers overall to our clients in terms of content creation.

Consistency is one of the most important factors to carry out while you continue to build your business. This is exactly why we offer year long campaigns as well as our popular monthly retainer based program. By having us on board, our unabated work creating quality, meaningful films and photographs allows us to build a catalog of media that looks, feels, and engages consumers with that same consistency, leaving them with a lasting impression of your business.

With our creative studio, we specialize in creating short form, lifestyle content that drives consumers to your products or website. This aids in generating traffic and sales with whatever your business revolves around. We work actively with lifestyle brands, actions sports companies and unique individuals to bring their stories to life. 

Common Services

Below, you will find quick links to some of the top services we provide. If you're not seeing what you need, don't worry. Head to the navigation bar to browse through a number of our clients and services to see if we are right for your job.


Commercial films

your story, made for the big screen


Wedding Services

Turning your big day into a movie.


Music Industry

stories that add the visual, to the audio


Portrait Work

Capturing happiness in a catalog of photos